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Focusing on Scoping, Framing, and Planning Your Energy Projects from Our Offices based in Henderson, Nevada

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Assure Your Energy Initiatives become Major Successes

Start with Our Facilitation of Scope Definition and Framing of Your Energy Projects

Control the risk and the uncertainty in executing your energy projects.  Set up your oil and gas projects for success with expert assistance from our project leaders based in Henderson, NevadaEnergy Projects International specializes in facilitation of scoping, framing, and project planning sessions, and in review of schedules and costs to help your gas and oil projects reach the highest level of success!  Contact us today for assistance with your energy projects.

Develop an Execution Plan with various options that are all tailored to meet your project's frame. We facilitate workshops where you can provide input to develop your project execution plan to the fullest.

Keep your oil and gas projects on track for completion with our review of your detailed schedules. Once a schedule is developed and updated with project progress, it remains useful for the life of your project! 

Scoping & Framing
We can provide facilitation to expedite defining your project's scope and project frame. We do all of our scoping and framing in a workshop setting and then offer follow-up services at your office to ensure your gas and oil projects progress smoothly.

Costing reflects the likely cost outcome for the project frame. As long as a clear frame, scope, and technical definition exists, there is an opportunity to develop a useful cost estimate in collaboration with your in-house experts.

Drilling Tool - Oil & Gas Projects

Helping Plan Energy Projects Since 2007
Energy Projects International
leverages our owner's 30 years of experience in the global oil industry, both onshore and offshore, to provide you with unmatched planning of oil and gas projects. A licensed professional engineer in Texas and Louisiana, our owner has more than enough knowledge to facilitate solutions to your energy projects.

Contact us at (760) 803-5797 for oil and gas project development services at competitive rates.

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